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School Improvement Tracker is dedicated to helping international schools achieve their goals and drive development. We do this by delivering a powerful suite of Audits that helps international schools prepare for accreditation visits, improve their learning delivery, and support Wellbeing in Staff and Pupils.  


Our audits have been created by international school consultants who specialise in helping schools get the best out of themselves and drive improvement and development. 


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Helen Kelly is a researcher, writer and speaker in the field of school wellbeing. Between 2006 and 2020, when she retired from her work as a school principal, Helen led international schools in Bangkok, Berlin and Hong Kong. 


Helen has a doctorate focused on school leader wellbeing and also holds a Masters in Educational Leadership and a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. She has a worldwide audience for her blogposts, articles, speaking engagements and workshops. Through her work as The Positive Principal, she aims to provide practical support for schools to help them to enhance wellbeing and maximise the potential of the whole school community.

Helen has developed both the Whole School Wellbeing Audit and Safeguarding Audit for our international school improvement tracker.

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Sara is an experienced teacher with twenty-one years of teaching in the UK and internationally in various school settings. Currently, they are the PYP Learning Support Coordinator for a school in Germany. They have worked with a variety of students with complex learning needs. Including having specific expertise and experience with Autistic Spectrum conditions, sensory processing disorders and diverse behavioural requirements.

Sara has developed our Learning Diversity Audit for our International School Improvement Tracker. 

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Suzanne has a deep understanding and passion for the IB, in particular, the PYP, inspired by colleagues and led to her becoming a programme coordinator, then a workshop leader (2005), then a member of a PYP review team and continuing as a recently upskilled IBEN member, promoting the new suite of workshops. Suzanne enjoys close relationships with students, colleagues and parents and loves to engage with learners of all ages wherever they might be on their educational journey.

International schools Safeguarding Audit

The International School Safeguarding Audit is a powerful tool that provides a comprehensive road map to safeguarding and child protection in international schools. Developed in collaboration with a former international school principal and designated safeguarding lead, the audit takes account of the unique context of international schools. The tool covers all aspects of safeguarding and child protection, providing a complete overview of the systems that schools need to have in place to prevent harm and address allegations of abuse. This allows schools to evaluate their safeguarding policies, procedures and protocols against best practice in the field. The audit provides comprehensive and practical recommendations for schools to help them to improve their safeguarding provisions and monitor and track progress.  The tool incorporates the standards of all major international school accrediting agencies, helping schools to benchmark their progress towards accreditation standards.


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